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Start It Up!  

Startup marketing package special 


Chris Knight, co-founder + creative director, 415-786-9226 cell 

In a world where "every company is a media company," a crisp, compelling and easy-to-grasp story and clear messaging are truly critical to a company's success.


More on that here via LinkedIn article.  


Divino Group’s senior media and marketing experts can help guide and execute strategic communication and content initiatives - whether your company is preparing to launch from stealth mode to the world, about to be fueled with a new round of investor cash, or to help you knock a major new product launch or corporate initiative out of the park.


Led by Chris Knight, creative director and co-founder, and Tom Foremski, a long-time business/tech journalist for publications including the Financial Times, Silicon Valley Watcher and ZDNet, this startup package can be custom-built to maximize the impact

and your end-results. It specifically caters to early-to-mid-stage technology startups.


Our basic Start It Up package provides the following services - starting at $6,500:


  • Introductory company briefing call with Chris and Tom (one hour)

  • Audit of current messaging, company story, website and social channels

  • Story sourcing session and media Q&A with founding executive team (3+ hours)

  • Elevator-pitch practice video production (as part of executive sourcing session) 

  • Development of corporate and product Q&A for media interviews and content

  • Suggestions for media story angles and content topics to grab editorial interest

  • Recommendations for improving your website and social-media channels

Sample media placement two weeks after a "Start It Up" session with Delphix: 

"Delphix wants to virtualize your databases" - WSJ's CIO Journal (7/24/12)


"Start It Up" case study: 


Silicon Valley startup Aiqudo ("eye-cue-doe") partnered with Divino Group during the summer (2017) leading up to its launch from semi-stealth mode to the world with a goal of attracting the attention of large brands, software developers and potential future investors in budding voice AI company. Chris and Tom helped with storyline/messaging development, media strategy, targeting and outreach, press release and company launch activities during a 70-day project period. Below you'll find most of the resulting media coverage- including stories from Business Insider, SiliconANGLE, Silicon Valley Business Journal and VentureBeat. Plus, a voice AI trend story penned by Tom for ZDNet. 

Add-on services that we provide - on top of our basic package - include:

  • Production of corporate marketing, news or product-demo video segments

  • Surround-sound digital marketing campaign development (social or paid)

  • Co-development and placement of editorial guest posts and bylines

  • Creative/paid promotion of blog posts, coverage and/or LinkedIn articles

  • Media strategy development, targeting and outreach to drive coverage

  • Internal training sessions focused on content, social media and digital

  • Media training of spokespeople


Chris Knight, co-founder + creative director, 415-786-9226 cell 

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