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Like the media industry, the traditional marketing agency model is ripe for reinvention. Today, seven founding members of Divino Group are launching a brand marketing and PR consultancy with that mission in mind. The group’s calling is to provide CMOs and brand marketers with a full set of tools and programs for a new world of media - paired with senior, creative talent and thinking for a lot less than the big agencies they worked at for decades charge clients.

“In late 2014, we decided it was high time to break the mold and launch our own full-service creative services shop,” says Chris Knight, founder and creative director of Divino Group. “We create multi-channel campaigns designed to truly move the needle for our clients’ business or cause.”

Founder Chris Knight most recently served as SVP of the Global Technology practice at Ruder Finn. He began his career as a writer, photographer and TV producer. Following that, he spent nearly two decades working for big PR shops including GCI Group and Cohn & Wolfe. He specializes in surround-sound marketing + PR campaigns, and has worked for global brands and startups, including: BMW, The Bay Citizen, G-Technology, Neato Robotics, Panasonic, SanDisk, and Spot Runner.

Knight’s co-founder Celso Dulay will serve as executive producer in charge of the group’s video and broadcast news services. Dulay has produced and edited commercial video and news packages for clients including Panasonic, SanDisk and Tom’s of Maine – including an award-winning global campaign for SanDisk Extreme Pro that won PRWeek’s “Technology Campaign of the Year” for 2009.

Other founding team members include Diana Stoneberg a.k.a. Gadget Grrl, a consumer tech product expert and national TV/radio personality since 1996; Gretchen Throop Williams, a multi-talented artist across graphic design, photography, music and video; Kimberly Quinn Devine, a brand marketing specialist who worked with Knight for more than a decade at FleishmanHillard and Cohn & Wolfe; and Matt Schwarz and Tania Kempf, who both worked with Knight early on in their careers and have specialized in consumer and tech marketing and PR for more than 15 years.

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