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Diversity of Dance Abounds at Daybreaker

A Last Hurrah for San Francisco’s Supper Club Does Not Disappoint

By Chris Knight, founder and creative director @ Divino Group

Last Daybreaker @ SF Supper Club.jpg

This is how we start the workweek in San Francisco: with a booming sound system, unbridled sweaty fun, and uninhibited dancing atop pink pillowcases and a sea of sheets. The final Daybreaker dance party (7:30-9:30am on Jan. 20) at the classic Supper Club that recently closed was an AB FAB blast.

A lack of diversity continues to dominate headlines across Silicon Valley and the national political agenda and debates. Yet, in this packed SOMA nightclub in San Francisco, diversity was in abundance as young revelers danced like it was their last chance for romance on a Saturday night. Not only diversity based on a wide array of ethnicity; the early morning bash boasted a wide assortment of sexual preference, gender identity and child-like openness to dance and make a fool of one’s self like nobody’s watching.

The event series’ co-founders created Daybreaker in an effort to “say goodbye to average mornings.” They combine an early morning dance party with an intense work out and mood booster all in one. Each two-hour gathering is alcohol-free, but full of spirit. The events have been attracting crowds across occupations and backgrounds in London, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco with a new approach to fitness and fun.

With Daybreaker, there are no more dreary treadmills or circular runs around a track going nowhere. Instead, disco queens and kings get their groove on to fresh beats by star DJs. They enjoy talented performance artists, costumed characters and delicious snacks and libations.

Co-founders Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal say: “Daybreaker is about dancing before daybreak with people we love; it’s about curating a community of camaraderie, self-expression, wellness and mischief.”

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